Special education including schools

Activities and short breaks for disabled children
Cheshire West and Chester Council works with a number of organisations who provide a range of short break services for disabled children and their families.

A whole range of free activities are available including residential and overnight stays, personal assistants, outreach workers, creative breaks, arts and crafts, sports, dance and much more.

Referral to children and adult social care

Children’s social care

Adult social care

Referral for assessment and diagnosis

If the child is under statutory school age and lives in the CHESHIRE AND WIRRAL PARTNERSHIP NHS FOUNDATION TRUST they can be referred into the Child Development Service by anyone including parents.

If they live in NHS SOUTH CHESHIRE CCG, NHS EASTERN CHESHIRE & NHS VALE ROYAL CCG then the referral has to come in via a GP.

If parents wish a referral to the school aged pathway under CWC PCT they need to speak to a professional who is represented at the meetings, ie:

Paediatrician, possible via GP
Speech and Language Therapist
Social Worker
Child & Educational Psychologist
CAMHS worker

All of these groups can refer a child onto the pathway and in doing so become the Lead Professional who gains parental consent and then updates parents on progress through.

Adult Diagnosis

The Complex Recovery Assessment and Consultation Team provide an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Assessment and Diagnostic Service for adults who suspect that they may have an ASD and who do not meet the criteria for Learning Disabilities Services. The Service is NICE compliant and is delivered by Dr Ian Davidson and Clair Jones CWP NICE Champions for NICE guidance CG 142 Autism: recognition, referral, diagnosis and management of adults on the autism spectrum.

The service is contracted by Wirral and Western Cheshire CCGs and there are clinics provided in both localities, however referrals can be taken from elsewhere in the country. Referrals are accepted via Single Point of Access Teams, and can be requested via a person’s GP or care team if they are open to secondary mental health care services. An AQ10 will be utilised to see if a specialist ASD diagnostic assessment is indicated and the assessment process will consist of two appointments.

For the first appointment the person being assessed will be asked to bring someone with them who has known them well and can comment on their lives, Dr Ian Davidson and Clair Jones will each interview them separately for an hour allowing 4 hours interview time. The information from these interviews along with information available from other sources will be collated and summarised in a report which is and then sent out with a follow up appointment date.

At the follow up appointment, which is usually half an hour, the report is discussed to ensure it is accurate and to agree upon the findings and diagnosis, the rest of the appointment is used to discuss any issues about the impact and implications of the diagnosis and conclusions, and to give advice on next steps.

For more information please call  01244 397640.



Service is provided by Axia ASD who offer the following:

  • Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Diagnosis of Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Difficulties
  • Diagnosis of ADHD
  • Psychological intervention for people with additional complexity, such as Eating Disorders, Psychosis and Catatonia
  • Post-diagnostic support sessions
  • Complex Psychological Intervention
  • Training around all of the above conditions
  • Consultancy to Professionals working with individuals with these conditions.
  • A service to people with Autism and challenging behaviour.

For referrals via the NHS, please visit your GP (Vale Royal CCG, South Cheshire CCG), who will need to obtain IFR (Individual Funding Request) approval. A referral can then be made to us in writing and an appointment offered within 4-6 weeks. Eastern Cheshire CCG referrals via a GP do not need to obtain IFR funding.

Private referrals can also be accepted from individuals, families, commissioners and service providers.

Our Ethos is one of working in partnership with the individual and their families:

For further information please visit our website, email us on or telephone on 01244 56 76 56.

Meet the Team-

Dr Linda Buchan – Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Director of Axia ASD Ltd

Mrs Carly Bailey – P.A. to Dr Linda Buchan and Company Secretary

Mr Calvin Atkinson – Self-Proclaimed Nerd Consultant and Chef

Mrs Gail Pirie – Administrator

Dream – our I.T. Guy