Family Seminars

Autism Seminars for Families (previously known as the help! programme) are a series of one-day family support seminars.

The seminars are for parents and carers of children with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome of all ages and provide information, advice and support.

Seminar pllaces may be booked by clicking on the bookwhen links below. For any queries about the seminars, please email or phone 01606 783295
All our events are free to parents, but we would appreciate a voluntary donation of £5 per family as we receive no funding from either NAS or CWaC for our work.

The next seminars we are offering can be viewed below.

 Autism Support Hub Launch Event

Wednesday 27th March, 2019. 9.30am – 3.30pm
St John’s Church Extension, School Lane, Hartford, Northwich. CW8 1NP

We are really excited to be bringing you four fantastic speakers, to officially open our newly re-located Autism Support Hub & Resource Library. The day promises to be an informative, insightful and enjoyable experience. We will be providing refreshments throughout the day, along with a buffet lunch. Please advise if you have any specific dietary requirements.

Please see information below about our speakers –

Shona Davison – Autistic parent, trainer and autism researcher. MA Autism from Sheffield Hallam University. Shona will be delivering her talk, Challenging Behaviour. Who is challenging who?

Laura James – Author of #OddGirlOut, columnist, journalist. EDS, POTS. Autistic. Laura was diagnosed as an adult and will be talking about late diagnosis, how being female meant she didn’t even consider that she may be autistic and how having diverse voices writing books about autism is hugely beneficial.

Jamie + Lion – Autistic adult writing about the fun side of autism and sharing his adventures. Jamie works at the BBC and lives with his plush sidekick Lion. Lion never leaves his side and they live with support in London. Jamie will be talking about autism and happiness.

Jessie Hewitson – Author of ‘Autism: How to raise a happy autistic child’ and award-winning journalist at The Times. Jessie says that her book, Autism is the book she wishes she had read when her son was first given the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Jessie will be talking about being a non-autistic parent, her feelings around diagnosis and the challenges of getting the right support for her child.

We depend on fundraising and donations to put on these events and all those working to organise the event are volunteers. Under the rules of the NAS we are not allowed to charge for events, so we ask for a contribution/donation. Without this, we could not continue our events. We suggest a donation of £10 per person and require a £5* deposit to secure your space at this event. This amount is refundable if you cancel your space outside of 7 days before the event date. If you need to cancel within 7 days, please email us at

(* The additional 92p is a booking fee levied by the booking engine. NAS will only receive £5).

We will have donation buckets at the event, for any additional contributions you wish to make. Many thanks for your generosity.

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Managing Anger Seminar

Tuesday 30th April, 2019. 9.30am – 2.30pm
Rosebank Bungalow, Rosebank School, Townfield Lane, Barnton, Northwich. CW8 4PQ

Managing Anger is a one-day seminar from Autism Seminars for Families which provides information and advice to parents and carers of children and young people with autism.

The seminar helps families to:
• Discuss why children with autism often have challenges with anger
• Identify a low arousal approach for support through stressful situations
• Explore the cycle of anger and possible support strategies
• Examine strategies for managing feelings

The seminar is for parents of children with autism of all ages.


Information, Advice & Support Service face-to-face appointments

Wednesday 1st May, 2019. 10.00am – 2pm
NAS Autism Support Hub, Maple Bungalow, Greenbank School, Greenbank Lane, Northwich. CW8 1LD

These sessions will allow parents/carers to book a face-to-face appointment with Ann-Marie Cotton from IASS, in a private consulting room at our support hub at Greenbank School, Northwich.

Parents can book a single 30 minute appointment, or book a double 1 hour appointment, Please book the time slots you need and arrive 10 minutes before the appointment time on the day.

Tea/Coffee and biscuits will be provided.

More information about IASS –

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