Autism Seminars for Families (previously known as the help! programme) are a series of one-day family support seminars.

The seminars are for parents and carers of children with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome of all ages and provide information, advice and support.

Seminar pllaces may be booked by clicking on the bookwhen links below. For any queries about the seminars, please email or phone 01606 783295
All our events are free to parents, but we would appreciate a voluntary donation of £5 per family as we receive no funding from either NAS or CWaC for our work.

The next seminars we are offering can be viewed below.


Autism Education Programme (AEP)

This course is run by Karen McGuiness, one of our volunteers with a degree in Autism (Children) from Birmingham University.

This is NOT an NAS Family Seminar.

This informative 6-week course aimed at parents/carers of children and young people who are on the autism spectrum

 Starting Monday 18th September 2017, 9:30am – 12.30 pm, for 6 weeks. 

at The Bungalow, Rosebank School, Townfield Lane, Barnton, Cheshire CW8 4QP

Units include:

1)      What is the autism spectrum?

2)      Social and emotional understanding.

3)      Communication and language.

4)      Flexibility of thought and behaviour.

5)      Sensory perception and responses.

6)      Supporting your child and sources of support.


We accept self-referral, referrals from Community Paediatricians and CAMHS, particularly if your child has received a diagnosis of being on the autism spectrum or is on the diagnostic pathway.

How do I book?

Go to and fill in your details.


We want to keep cost to a minimum but in order to cover the cost of room hire, we would ask for payment of £15 per person for the entire course. Please note your booking is NOT confirmed until payment is made.

For more information please email

Managing Anger

Tuesday 21st November, 2017. 9.30am – 2.30pm
Club House, Cheshire County Sports, Mannings Lane, Chester. CH2 4EU

The seminar helps families to:

 Discuss why children with autism often have challenges with anger
 Identify a low arousal approach for support through stressful situations
 Explore the cycle of anger and possible support strategies
 Examine strategies for managing feelings

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NAS School Exclusions Seminar for Parents

Thursday 23rd November, 7pm – 8.30pm
Rosebank Bungalow, Rosebank School, Townfield Lane, Barnton, Northwich. CW8 4PQ

Friday 24th November, 10am – 11.30am
Club House,  Cheshire County Sports, Mannings Lane, Chester. CH2 4EU

This seminar is for all parents and carers of children and young people with autism who would like to know what they can do if their child is excluded from school, or is at risk of exclusion.

The talk will cover official exclusions (fixed period and permanent), but also informal (unlawful) exclusions, internal exclusions, part-time timetables, managed moves and the exclusion of pupils on the autism spectrum from school trips and afterschool clubs.

Some of the steps schools could take to overcome barriers to learning and thus avoid the need for exclusion will also be discussed, together with a school’s duty to make reasonable adjustments to its policies and practices for pupils with disabilities (under the Equality Act 2010).

To book for Northwich on 23rd November, go to
To book for Chester on 24th November, go to


Sleep Workshop

Thursday 25th January, 2018
Club House, Cheshire County Sports, Mannings Lane, Chester. CH2 4EU

Does your child have difficulties settling to sleep?

Do they wake through the night or very early in the morning?
Have they become nocturnal?
Bedwetting? Night terrors? Sleep walking?

Lack of sleep affects ability to learn, behaviour and health, and impacts on the whole family

A good night’s sleep is an essential, not a luxury, but for many children and adults on the autism spectrum, poor sleep patterns and associations have developed over time and can be difficult to change.

This course explores common sleep disorders affecting children and young people with autism and their families and helps to identify straightforward environmental and behavioural changes needed to get a good night’s sleep.

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Supporting Communication
For mainstream pupils aged 9-14 years old

Tuesday 30th. January, 2018
Club House, Cheshire County Sports, Mannings Lane, Chester. CH2 4EU

More information and booking details TBA.